Sunday, May 4, 2014

Which will you choose? By guest writer Tajay Quest

Ever since the dawn of life, there have been debates, in the automotive world, there have been debates of BMW vs Mercedes, American Muscle vs Import, and the list goes on, but more specifically, in Jamaica, a verbal battle ensues between two deep rooted camps; the Subaru vs the Evolution. These two cars have been at each other long before they were made for road purposes. These cars started out as rally cars in the World Rally Championships, racing against each other. There were many other cars in the Championships, but these were the two that stood out above them all. These were two ordinary Japanese Import cars that were built to rally standards turned out so good, that a model had to be built for routine production, hence the dawn of the Subaru Impreza WRX & STi and the Evolution.
With the production of these cars, the ongoing debate sweetened, people pledged allegiances, bought the ones they preferred, and raced against others to prove that their preference is the better one, however, there is no consistent winner. The soft, nimble, low grumbling Subaru always comes back whenever the high revving boost crazy Evo gets the edge. It is, however, not in my capacity to make a judgment as to which is the ultimate winner, the ball is in your court, to take your side, and ride off into the sunset. Which will it be, Evo or Subaru?

By Tajay Quest 

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