Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Growing in Grace - Inheriting the kingdom

   Many people anticipate the death of their parents, grandparents, close relative or close friends. So that they can see what is left in the will for them, especially here in Jamaica. You will hear  statements like "A mama mi a wait pan fi dead enuh so mi can get the house!". Often times confusion and contention results because of wills: brothers and sisters fight over land and land titles after  parents death, step-mother and children fuss over property when husband dies, children in wedlock and the children out of wedlock fuss over parents belongings when they die. But today  I'm here to tell u that JESUS DIED for you and I so that we could inherit the Father's land which He has promised us. this land is the NEW JERUSALEM.Growing in Grace - inherit the kingdom is our theme for today, but before we proceed let us define the key words in the theme which are growing, grace and inherit. The Oxford student's dictionary defines grow as " To Develop", Grace is defined by the same source as "God's loving kindness towards man " and inherit is defined as "to receive money, property  or a title by legal  rights when the previous owner or holder has died". The theme is therefore saying " Develop in God's loving kindness towards man and receive the kingdom which Christ has made available to us through His death".John 3 vs 16 says For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son that who so ever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!Christ died for us freely or should i say He died for us out His great  of love. We dont have to anticipate His death to gain the Kingdom he died out of love for us.Christ has made the kingdom available to us. What are you waiting on to start your journey to the kingdom? The kingdom is there for us to inherit but we must first ACCEPT CHRIST in our hearts has personal saviour and friend and believe he died to set us free!!!!!Upon accepting Christ as saviour we are expected to evolve, we can't stay the same because old things are passed away and behold all things are made new!!!! With this new life comes growth. The growth process process takes place through christ loving kindness towards us.......When we accept Christ we become like seeds that have just been planted or the birth process of a baby. A seed needs suitable temperature. sunlight and carbon- dioxide for it to grow. when these are available the seed grows into a seedling then after more carbon dioxide, sunlight, water and soil the seedling become a full blown plant with roots, branches, leaves and most of all it bears fruit!!!!So when we accept Christ we are like tiny seeds but with daily reading of His Holy words (BIBLE) along with much fasting and prayer we will grow and become changed by God's Grace. We will develop roots that that will provide anchorage which is in Christ Jesus, we must also bear fruits for by our fruits others will know to whom we belong!!!!!Have you every hand a tree and wondered what it was??? If you are not a farmer or and agriculturist you won't know the type of tree until it bears fruit.!i must hasten to tell you that the plants face harsh times for example the drought season when the time is dry, they cannot access water, they also go through flooding.........excess flow of water that may damage their roots. the hurricane season may also affect plants the wild winds and heavy rains may affect the plants NOT TO MENTION pest and disease attack plants too and i must say that the plants with the best root system are the ones that survive  the drought and when the wild winds blows their roots are the anchor!Like the plants we will face rough days, dry days, heavy winds of trouble, poverty, depression, hopelessness, diseases, broken homes and abuse in its various forms may blow our ways !!!!!!! BUT WE HAVE AN ANCHOR THAT KEEPS THE SOUL STEADFAST AND SURE WHILE THE BILLOWS ROLL!!!!  This anchor is JESUS!!!!  He will help us whether the weather whatever the weather may be like in our lives !.When Jesus is our roots we are in his Spirit! The function of the roots is to take nutrients and water to the leaves of the plants to manufacture food which will result in the production of fruits . So it is with us when we accept Christ and become rooted and grounded in the spirit we must bear fruits!!!!! you  may ask "How can i bear fruit?, I am not a plant!" But turn your bibles with me to Galations 5 vs 22-26 ( church reads)When we are rooted and grounded in the name of the Lord, we grow in Grace and then we MUST bear fruits!! You bear fruits which are LOVE, JOY, LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, MEEKNESS,TEMPERANCE!! We should display these to the people e come upon daily I MUST hasten to tell that  the GREATEST of these LOVE. i must also tell you that love is one of the most abused word in the world.......................................people lie about love. Also, things like cars, cell phones and other materials are loved and people are used when it should be the opposite People should be be loved and things used!!Let us search the scriptures for the characteristics of love. Turn your bibles to 1 cor 13 vs 4-8 and verse 13Love indeed the greatest off the fruits of the spirit it was out of love that Christ gave His life for us! When we have love it brings us joy and peace we also become humble and gentle amongst others. we will also be faithful especially to God. In HIs words He said " If ye love me keep my commandments". Keeping His Commandment is an act of faithfulness. So love is superior of all the fruits of the spirit. Look at christ's loving kindness towards us, many times we have gone astray and lost our ways but with endless mercy and grace His arms are wide open for us to come and ask HIm for forgiveness...............After we have accepted christ, grown in grace and have bore fruits so that others may see our fruits and accept Christ . Our GRAND prize will be the NEW JERUSALEM where there will be no more death, sorrow, tears, sorrow, sickness and pain......for God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes!!!!Its a place where the mightiest lion and the humblest lamb will dwell together.!!! I want to Go to that city!!! do you?We know that Jesus died for us, we know that we must accept him, but yet still may harden their hearts to his call. i want you to turn your hearts upon Jesus and listen to his voice calling you today ........ those who haven't made a decision for Him he is available now !!, those that need to recommit His arms are wide open. As i make this appeal i trust that you will not harden your hearts!!!!!

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