Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guest Writer: Jason Thomas, The Elements To Success: Need, Passion and Determination

The Elements To Success: Need, Passion and Determination

The elements to success in what? That is the first hurdle we must clear, in this glorious race called life as we perceive it. In your race, you must choose: when to race, how to train, where to rest, why to push, who to beat and what to blame. In your race, in success, you’ll find there is not really a difference between the ‘what’ and the ‘who’. Success lives and dies with you, not what or who. ONLY YOU CAN WIN YOUR RACE! What race? Your race. Who’s race? Your race.ON YOUR MARKS!GET SET!Stand up.Okay, the race Marshall has given you time. Time to focus. How strongly does your survival hinge on this victory? Is this the best of you? Will you give your all to the very end? You must.You must, from the heart of your passions. You must be like a passion fruit: pleasantly sweet and tart, and rich in health benefiting plant nutrients.
To be successful you must have passion, you must stand for and be about something. You must be pleasant, to everyone feels your presence and to yourself/ves. You must leave a sensual imprint; maybe unforgettably sweet, tart, both, or simply unforgettable.
You must be rich in health. Your health is your wealth.
You must go in with the very best of you, fully dedicated, unwaveringly determined. You’ll get nowhere if you ride a half assed donkey. So too your success will be but dreams in the centre of an unbaked pie no one will ever enjoy. It is not enough to think, sketch, write or scheme. One must go and live, learn, love; you must be hundred percent 100 committed.

You must, more than anything else, with passion, and determination, NEED it. It: Success. Success lives and dies with you; how much life will you feed her. Her survival depends on it. Will you clothe her with the finest? Will you shelter her from the destructive elements?
...imagine being on both sides of tears,they say a man is trapped by his fears,yet the brave few still rise... ...they say a man carries his hurt forever,everything he touches feels this fever,yet his love is only to burn... ...yet the brave few still rise.

                                                                        By Jason Ricardo Thomas

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