Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome To where my new experience begins! HAVE FUN!!!!


Welcome! Welcome! welcome!   to my blog! 

Man, I have no idea what i'm doing! 

I'm not even sure if i want to blog, But it might come in handy in the future!  Who knows? 

 I have named this blog Undecided thoughts, because i never normally know what i want 

to do, to eat, to read, to write you get the picture. 

Well since this is my first post on here i figured it is most convenient that I introduce 


I'm young, free and crazy. i do things on the impulse, i love exciting this and anywhere the 

vibes is that's where I'm at. 

I am Elvy Gayle Soltau, a student of the prestigious Northern Caribbean University, 

Located in the hills of Mandeville, Manchester on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I am 

currently enrolled in the college of Education and Leadership, where my area of focus is 

Secondary education. I love the classroom (those that i have experienced already) and i 

feel it deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep deeep down inside that i will be an awesome teacher. 

I have some issues with the English, therefore in an effort to improve my grammar skills I have start 

this blog. I was reluctant in establishing it, but i have a friend who loves blogging so i was persuaded 

by her to give it and shot. To be honest she has an unfailing faith me and my  future you see, it 

is adorable. You can read her blog at ( 

In all my twenty years walking things earth, i have tried many many things and stopped half way 

because i was (UNDECIDED). I named this blog Undecided thoughts in an effort to assists me make 

a transformation from not knowing what i want to being a multi-faceted, dynamic individual. 

Perky Parrot. =D 


  1. Well i guess i was the first to view this blog.... or comment! wish you all the best with it and i hope it will benefit you greatly..

  2. awwww yes you are! Thank you for stopping by. Hope to have you as a guest writer soon.