Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guest Writer: Neshara Ellis: MotherHood and Studying

Raising a child when you are going to University is a unique challenge. It can be extremely difficult to manage and prioritize your time. Having a child when you're young is very challenging but definitely not impossible to pursue your dreams.
     I wake up every morning to my gorgeous daughter and I think to myself how blessed I am. I'm twenty years old and I won't lie, sometimes I miss the way it would have been if I had not gotten pregnant. But as I grow mentally in motherhood I appreciate each challenges and value my time spent with my princess.
     Frankly speaking, I have to prepare breakfast and lunch for her to bring to take daycare and then think about what will be for dinner in the evening. Also, I have to find time to do grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and studying. All these tasks goes back to proper time management which is my huge problem. I am doing a great job raising my daughter thus far but I haven't been able to manage my time properly. It's a work in progress.
     A strong support system is needed for every individual if they are to function effectively and to show their true potential and so I give credit to my parents, parents -in-law and other relatives and friends who have been supporting me in the past two years.
    At the end of it all I have a choice to further my education or to become part of the system that's dependable on the government, which I feel is not a productive option.

***Neshara Ellis***

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