Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Patience Is a Virtue By Leonard Richard

“We run after you and you stand a far off, we are overly anxious.”

But to the person who came out with this quote, seem to have forgotten to thank us.
“Patience Is A Virtue”, that’s what was said, somebody seems to be looking in my head,
As I run and hurry and anticipate the future, I at times fail but never a loser,
I Look at life differently, that just who I am, Now a boy but trying to be a man,
I am not ready but on my own I want to stand, because I want I believe that I truly can.
Patience, who need that? : The firm ability to wait, I will move now at my own speed as soon as they open the gate…….

 The above story is that what I use to say, back then in those long years ago, but now I'm grown and now know what I know and that is that Patience is truly A Virtue. 

By Leonard Richard 

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