Thursday, May 8, 2014

Guest Writer; Daine O. King,


The whispers of my conscience thunders through my mind
In hopes of silencing the screams that eat at the walls of my hallow thoughts
Is this all there is to me now; Shadow and despair, without aim or purpose?
Should blackest night desire me, should I go gentle into that good night?

The light rages on, shadows whisper, yet they terrify.
There is much whisper, yet it speaks of a nameless fear
The time has come, the fight has begun and yet strength fails to present itself.
In the stillness of night thought strays from perfect peace to daunting wonders

Thoughts of what can never be but yet now is
Thoughts of whom one should never speak of yet words would fill the pages of a book
And still fail to capture what was once a ray of sunlight; a glitter like that of polished diamonds…

All is but shadow now; just an unbalanced equation
There is nothingness and the void is ever present
The vacuum of outer space holds more matter in comparison
There is no need to fight for there is nothing to gain yet a loss will be garnered if there is no fight

If the battle is pointless and will yield no reward, how can it be of value?

By Daine O. King 

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