Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guest Writer: Daine O. King, The Whispering Thunder

Listen closely, with eyes closed and lips sealed
For a moment to what must be uttered when all other voices have fallen dead
Listen to the steady beat of the drum within my chest
Shut the world away and find serenity where only this rhythmic voice resides

Your presence gives me hope, your kisses bring me life
In a world marred in shadow your light radiates eminently
And chases all despair away
What man could resist such beauty which rivals to which there can be found no equal?

Words fall to deep slumber when the gateways of two souls merge
Nothing in this world is perfect, yet there is perfection in what I have seen.
A walk which carries an orchestra with each stride
And honey that seeps from the window of resonance

To have and to hold seems almost impossible
To behold is something inescapable
The steady beat of the unseen drum is ever intensified in your presence
Yes this is a secret to you.

Listen, if only for a moment to what can only be said
When all other voices have been hushed.
Listen when wind lies still in the dead of night
Listen, just listen…if only for a moment.  

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