Saturday, May 3, 2014

Surgical Summer!

I want the Summer to be TRANSFORMATIONAL ! 

I think my life needs upgrading! What you think? Oh, nevermind because i'm gonna do my own 

thing anyway! lol

But seriously, i'm 20 yrs old! Its time to stop existing and start living!  I am full of potential, yet i 

sit down and make silly excuses, if not that i settle for mediocre living. Which is sad. 

So i've decided that this summer will be a surgical summer! You know when persons normally do 

surgery, its one of two things: either to remove something that's no longer useful or to fix 

something. This summer my aim is to remove everything in my life that's not useful and to fix 

what's not can be fixed. 

I have started with my weight; i weigh 185lbs that makes me 35lbs overweight, sending my Body 

Mass Index (BMI) to 29.9 so  i fall into the overweight category. Now, i was comfortable with my 

weight until i realised that i'm difficult to lift up and i wanna be lifted up by my husband some 

day, also i had to pass off so many pretty dresses because my waist doesn't fit (how embarrassing). 

With a little motivation from my friend, Christopher Smikle (BIG UP YOURSELF) i've gotta 

back into the habitat of working out. I have been going good for 6 days now and i lke it. 

There several other surgeries  i'd like to undergo this summer, some of which includes:

*Practise  proper etiquette

*Read at least two books to aid in my development.

*try my hand at swimming again 

* master the art of walking in heels (LOL)

*do sumpn about my hair ( i want it to grow) 

several other major changes i want for my life! I might even plan a birthday party 21 is a big deal 

enuh? hmmm i think i should! 


Perky Parrot 


  1. Sounds good.. You can do, whatever, you put your mind to.

  2. and surely i've made up my mind

  3. The first 2 lines describe Elvy.
    What you think? Oh, nevermind cause i'm gonna do my own thing anyway!
    LOL....... Funny because its reality.......