Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Suit is Woman what Lingerie is to Men

Suits is to women what lingerie is to Men

Women are pressured by society, the media and fashion designers to dress to impress, to keep up with

the fashion changes   and yet they slack of on men.  Men get away with wearing  almost anything; 

Men’s fashion is equally important as women’s.  I strongly believe that individuals should look their 

best whether   they are male, female or child.

I don’t know for anyone else but  I am tired of seeing the under of young men ( some a dem not even 

tan good, dis bag a holey holey sumpn up inna people face). I am tired of seeing them in tights ( you 

know wah me talk dem tight so till dem can hardly walk).  Man must look like man!  Dem must smell good too.

Men enjoy seeing women all dolled up and sexy especially in lingerie, well its full time y’all get dolled

up and sexy for us too. Buy a suit or two!