Monday, September 7, 2015

Elvy G. Soltau - Be Yourself For Others

It is a new school year, but same old pressures.

Will I fit in?

Will others like me?

Will my clothes be cool?

I'll try not to act weird.

These are the thoughts running through our heads if we are honest enough to admit. Our desire to fit in robs of us of peace of mind and the gift of individuality. We are so concerned about being in the 'In' crowd that we lose what makes us special.

I write from the comfort of my bed with joy in my heart to encourage you to today to be yourself for the sake of others! Yes! be yourself for others. Embracing your own individuality and style requires an enormous amount of  courage, plus when you are brave enough to be yourself it gives others the permission to do the same.

People feed from the energy of others; so be bold be positive and be yourself!
I have three things to share with you that I realized this morning. They are as follows:

- Others are relying on you to be positive, enthusiastic and passionate so they'll  be inspired.
- People expect great things from you; even those you think don't know your name.
- If you don't have a ticket it you don't have a chance .

While walking home from school i has having a conversation