Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caught in the middle.

Parents want this! 

Church demands that! 

School requires investment! 

Friends want attention! 

Government sucking out every cent out my pocket (well my parent's pocket) 

What does Elvy wants? No, I'm caught in the middle, i'm so undecided. The only thing i know for sure is 

that  i wanna live right. I refuse to participate in any illegal or demeaning activities, i want to be an example 

for someone , somewhere, someday. 

With that established i'm still caught in the middle, there are somethings that i like and they seem 

harmless but  the church does not agree with. There are also those that i love that affect my school 

work negatively #Sigh. I'm just caught in the middle? How do i strike a balance? How do i bring 

closure to my "undecided nature" Are you like me? 

Here's what i suggest: 

 *Remember persons will always have their opinion; let them have it. They are entitlled to it.

*Live ONLY to please God. Then all will fall into place,

*Have good clean fun; making memories. Find what makes you happy. 

*Forget about the issues of this world, they will not get better. 

*Be reminded its your life! Take control. 

*Think far and wide; be prepared to be faced by critics. 

Man just Keep Calm, Be free and enjoy life 

Perky Parrot 

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