Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guest Writer: Sherene McDonald, I will wait for you


I knew I should have but I didn’t and that’s the truthI should have prayed and fasted
And patiently wait for youI guess I was too curious and I wanted to exploreBut when I started I just wanted more.I should have seen the destruction and the pain it would causeBut I thought he was the right one for me, and that I could see beyond his flaws.I know I should have prayed and fasted and patiently wait for youI asked for wisdom and understanding but I keep on playing the fool.Abraham waited for Sarah, and she waited for you.Why couldn’t I follow in her foot steps and patiently wait too.I kept thinking it was harmless, you know, me keeping you at arm’s length
I thought I was strong, but when I turned my back on you I lost my strength.I should have prayed and fasted and wait patiently for you, I say I should have prayed and fasted and wait patiently for you.Now, the days go by and I live regretting, it’s so depressing, I try regressingI’m guessing it’s too late, I better learn from this lesson.People judge by what they see and that’s me, messed up, dressed up in the shame I caused myselfThey don’t see the peers with the pressure that’s not bottled and placed on the shelf.I made these mistakes alone, now I must face themI got Jesus and to that I say Amen.
Praying and fasting and patiently waitingI can’t erase the past or determine my future, but I’ll live today
And I’ll wait patiently, and pray, so you could show me the way.

By Sherene McDonald

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