Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest Writer: Daine O. King, Dormant I stand

Dormant I stand, in the face of others
But they do not understand when I tell them
I choose to suffer
I suffer much because of my choosing
Suffer to be fearless, to be heard to be seen
It is a choice I make and though I suffer I
Smile with each breath that I take because I know, yes I know
I chose it, not you, no not you, I chose it.
The rain beats down in thunders that make my cries
Seem like a distant whisper in a forested zone
But still amidst all this I stiff choose to suffer
For within this zone there is more than meets the eye
There is pain yes, but there is also joy
Joy in the endless strains that tug and cut
At my very soul to the point that the life within my veins begin to pour like falling rain
Intangible storms, storms that swirl and
Threaten the very existence of that which makes life worth living.
Still I choose to suffer
Because choosing otherwise would be like feeding ice cream
To a lactose-intolerant kid, or training a dog to sing
My suffering is pivotal to my existence and if you
Take it away and I’m made to suffer no more
Then life would cease and sanity would decrease
Yes decrease to the point of trivialities
Boundless desires with sweetest deaths
Yes I choose to suffer because this is the way it is supposed to be

By Daine O. King 

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