Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Self Doubt: Elvy Soltau

This might sound strange; but, I consider myself an under achiever! Yes, you might not see it but I’m a lazy bum.
You may disagree, but you’re on the outside looking in while I’m on the inside looking out. I know my full potential, my teachers that I’ve encountered know that there’s more to me than what I put in. I know it. It eats out my conscience the fact that I sit down and accept these effortless B+ and B-‘s knowing that I have the potential but I just settle for less. One word I have to explain my condition “SELF DOUBT’, yes it’s a dream killer I tell you. I have some wonderful ideas, a fountain of energy, and a team full of supportive family, church family and friends. The thing about me is that I know I can, but when it’s time to actually do I get cold feet. I begin to imagine the things that could possibly go wrong. I’m also like “other people a do this too man dem ago get it dem better that me”.  Due to the re occurrence of these thoughts, I’ve become a chronic procrastinator (I’m not proud). It’s has robbed me in so many ways. When I look at young achievers like Micheal Lewis, kimroy Bailey, Ashleigh Barnes, and Jevon Minto among others I’m like “that could be you, but you doubting”.  When I tell people that there’s so much more to me that what they see; they’re of the concept that I’m at my optimum. Hell no! I wobbling in mediocrity and so are many of us! Just because of one simple reason “SELF DOUBT”. We’re our own enemies, we stiffing our own growth and don’t even realize.

First things first: Believe that you deserve it.
Secondly remember those that have invested you; don't let them down.
Thirdly remember those who are secretly waiting for you to fall.
Fourthly what do you want you children to remember you as? 

Think on these

**Perky Parrot** Over and Out.

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