Saturday, May 3, 2014

Elvy's Special Revelation

50 Things you didn’t know about Elvy

1.       I’m very very very miserable!

2.       I’m a chronic procrastinator.

3.       I’m a social media addict.

4.       I have a man’s ego. I honestly think that I should protect, discipline; anything that’s manly I think I should be doing that.

5.       I’m not hard to please.

6.       I’m super friendly; but don’t pass you place wid me !

7.       I have the mind of a seven year old.

8.       I LOVE SHOES.

9.       My favorite colours are blue&red


11.   When someone is sad or depressed, I think it’s my duty to encourage.

12.   I’m a positive-realist; I stay positive while acknowledging the reality of my surrounding.

13.   I wanted to be a beauty queen.

14.   I love chicken badly.

15.   I want to know people from every parish in Jamaica.

16.   In grade 5 I wanted to be an Astronaut.

17.   I have this fountain of energy; only God knows where it comes from.

18.   I love watching vines; I think they are cool.

19.   I love that boy.

20.   I wanted to be a Journalist

21.   I wanted to be a nurse.

22.   My mother is a great cook; sadly it seems like I’m a late bloomer.

23.   I love NCU. (Yes I do) shocked?

24.    I love my church family.

25.   I just think that I must motivate.

26.   I love Denbigh High

27.   I love Danielle Falconer

28.   Me rate adeefa  pan a different levels

29.   I love when my hair is loose.

30.   I have a sleeping disorder.

31.   I hide my full potential so others don’t thing I’m hype or cocky.

32.   I use to hate compliments.

33.   All I want is for my bro to be extremely proud of me! 

But he’s hard to please. I wanna be the apple of his eyes. Or maybe I am but him nuh wan tell me.

34.   My phone is outdated but it’s my prized possession.


36.   I’m interested in photography.

37.   I like being alone

38.   I LOVE SOCIALS. Any weh it deh call me!! Lo

39.   I Love texting.

40.   You’ll get more out of me if you text me than when you call.'

41.   One time I couldn’t write in patois.

42.   I think English is hard and has too many rules.

43.   I have a deform finger

44.   I enjoy doing song service at church

45.   I’m guilty of sleeping in church.

46.   I have some of the most brilliant ideas.

47.   I wanna learn how to drive

48.   I hate hand bags

49.   I hated Literature at School

50.   I hate feeling hot.  


  1. thought num.3 would have been num1

  2. l forgot my "H" sorry grammar nazi. thanks though

  3. Grammar Nazi...I can dig that, was always some sort of extremist...