Sunday, May 18, 2014

Guest Writer: Demalley T. Edwards, Life as a Working Mom


Being a mother and working is indeed a challenging task. It can even become overbearing and time consuming 
at times. To be honest at first I wish I did not get pregnant at the time I did but I'm grateful and thankful for my 
son he's indeed a blessing.   Having to balance work and ensuring he's well cared for, was mind rocking at first but with time I learnt to cope and became good at doing so. Being a mom is neither a part time or full time job, it is a LIFE TIME job. 
Whatever you teach that child or whatever that child sees you doing that's what he/she will grow to do. I'm 
careful with whatever I do or say around him because that's what   will reflect through him. So i"m doing my 
best to teach him right from wrong, because like my mother would say "Yuh can bend a tree when it old, yuh 
affi do it when it young" that simply means I can't and will not wait until he's an adult to teach him right from 
wrong.  Motherhood has its up and downs but when those little arms reach out to hug you the down times doesn't 
matter any more its like it never happened. I don't regret having my son at first I use to say the timing was 
wrong, but guess what!? The timing was too perfect. I love my son with all my heart he's the centre of my 
universe and MY #1 PRIORITY. Once he's happy I'm happy.

Demalley T. Edwards 

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