Monday, May 5, 2014

A Thin line

I strongly believe that the quality of our lives can be determined by one solid minute, yes! Just one 


  In seconds, our lives can be transformed into this magnificent event or on the other hand  

become dilapidated. The decisions we make daily affect not only our physical being, but 

every aspect of our existence and also those around us. 

In one minute, you chose to click the link to this blog; just the same we make decisions minutely, we 

we choose to love or hate, to be mean or to share, to care or to neglect, to be productive or to 

procrastinate, to be a friend or to be the enemy and these decision change us.  It is with in mind that 

I conclude in that there's a thin line in this journey called life. There is a thin line between up and 

down, redeemed and lost,  in and out, life and death, hungry and full, rich and poor, 

stink and fresh ( lol got carried away with these opposite). The bottom line is, life can transformed or 

deformed in a matter of seconds by the decisions we make. 

I encourage everyone to spend time thinking things through. Ask questions like: 

Is it worth it?

Will it benefit me?

Will this affect my reputation?

How can this better me? 

What will it cost me? 

will this ruin a friendship? 

Am i being selfish? 

would my family be proud? 

Last but not least .......


Think on these ..... 

Perky Parrot 


  1. I was talking about my friend about the same thing...

  2. really, i guess great minds think alike