Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guest Writer: Nickoy Wilson Keep Your Guard up!

The world is moving in an undesirable direction. It is slowly being overcome by all manner of evil.
As Christians, we must move counter to this trend. We must be people of love. People who are bearers of the fruits of the spirit;  joy, peace, patience, kindness etc. but we sometimes fall prey to the guile of the devil. We sometimes forget who we are and who we serve. We forget about Him who gives our life meaning. We must recognize that we are of a higher calling as our calling comes not from man but from our Father which is in Heaven above.We must be on our guard.
It is no secret that the devil wants us for himself. He wants to lead us to our demise. We must pray earnestly and feed on the Word of God daily. It is only then, through the in-dwelling power of the Holy Spirit, that we will able to discern and overcome the devil's temptation.

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