Monday, May 5, 2014

Fitness: Everyone Can have it. By Christopher Smikle

Fitness: Everyone can have it

Fitness what is it? To put it simply it is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. There are a lot of things that 

are taken into consideration in the world of fitness, such as gender, age, genes but the beautiful thing about it is, 

that it is able for anyone and everyone. No matter how old you feel, how overweight you may feel, or how weak you 

think you are. IF YOU WANT IT, YOU CAN HAVE IT. All you need to do is to make up your mind and go for it.

Here are the steps to for getting fit!.

1. DECIDED: you’re going to get fit. If your mind isn’t in it, guarantee your body isn’t going to follow. It all starts from 

the mind, for those of us who are weak willed, you may need to find a workout partner to hold you accountable… 

Someone who’ll tell you no cupcakes when you’re clawing at their neck.

2. MAKE YOUR GOALS: Number one reason many of us fail is unrealistic expectations…. Eg: a 170lbs Woman 

says she wants to lose 50lbs in a month… Is it possible maybe, for someone new to working out? #FAIL. Set small 

manageable goals. The key here is to create a habit. Try walking 30 minutes every day for 30 days, things will start 

moving. Literally. Just keep the end game in mind, inch by inch.

3. CONISTENCY: Keep going, and going, and going and going, and going, and going, and going, never stop until 

you’ve reached your goal, and even then, still keep going and going.

4. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH: Getting advice on proper form is a must, but buy doing your own research reading, 

watching YouTube videos you create an atmosphere around that will propel you forward to becoming a better 


That concludes my main tips on starting your journey into fitness, let me know if it helps. May the Lord be with you!

By Christopher Smikle.

Guest writer

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  1. This was a good read...inspiring as well Mr. Smikle, keep it up.