Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Blackman Cry

They say we are aggressive! 
but who are our oppressors?
they say we are abusive! 
while they are the ones who slay us across our backs in the boiling sun hot! 

Each slash brought about pain ! 
while they were the ones to gain! 
they sat there and watch our sorrows 

The black man cry 
as the white man sat and watch his brother die!
"what's the difference between you and i?" the black man cried!
the white man laughed 
you will never be as good as i! 

Black is BEAUTY I MUST REPLY!!!!!!!
but you allow us to die!! 
you think you are superior 
while you treat us as your inferior! 

But you should no that we made you! 
we are the ones who labored on your plantations! 
nurtured your children until they became teenagers 
we gave you an income!! 
what was our outcome?? 

slashes and chains!!! 
we were treated with disdain
we were ashamed! 

what was the matter ?? 
we served you good and proper !! 
but we still weren't good enough 

The blackman cries 
as his brother dies! 
hardship on his shoulders! 
your work he carries on! 

The blackman cries!! 
when will it all end!!!

by Elvy G. Soltau
created july 31,2011 

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