Tuesday, May 6, 2014

True Friends


By Karelle Martin

A writer states that “best friends/friends fight, argue, don’t talk for a while. But real friends /BFFS get through it and jump right back like it wasn’t nothing.” This quote says it all. True friends stick together through thick and thin. Many people will come into your life and say they are your friends but then at the end of the day their backs are turned to yours. How ironic! Know your friends because only the true ones will remain. Steps in deciding if your friend is a true friend:

1. If your friend does not support you, encourages you or compliment you that friend need to go.

 2. Does your friend listen to you? Your friend should be someone who you can run to and tell the same story or situations like ten times and even though he or she has heard it before, your friend will stop and listen just the same. 

 3. This one is a big one. See if your friend is just your “friend” for personal benefits. Some individuals may latch on to you because of some sort of convenience such as you lending him or her some cash, helping with school assignments or otherwise. Your friend may also want to hang out with you because of popularity reasons like fitting in with the crowd. Watch out for those signs! 

4. When you argue with your friend do you both try to solve the situation instead of posting it all over the social media websites? If you have a friend that is open with John public about everything BE CAREFUL! 

For different individuals they may choose to use other factors to define who their true friends are but I use these and other minute ones to define who my true friends are. My best friend and I do not necessarily argue we just get up some days and no one says a word, just walk pass each other as if no one passed but that just lasts for a while. We eventually get over it after we start speaking again it is like we were never in a period of malice at all. We cry together, give trouble together, like laugh at silly people and just do things that regular friends would do. I cherish the friendship that we have. Friendship is not a term to be used loosely. True friends are rare and may only come once in a lifetime so when they do cherish them so that you will never lose them.

By Karelle Martin 


  1. Thanks For this feature Elvy.........

  2. awwww!!! BFF!! through thick and through thin!

  3. Friendship is something that I value even more so than my life. This was a really good article. It is an excellent reminder to folks that there are individuals out there who still know what it means to be a friend.