Monday, January 2, 2017

Know When To Leave The Party

The hype!
The Rave! 
The Sense of belonging ! 
The feeling of excitement!

All of the above are reasons we tend to over stay our welcome at  events or in other people's lives. We want to associate with others so much that we cling and tag along with them for extensive periods even when they abuse us emotionally and don't want us around anymore.

I love excitement! I thrive off social interaction (even though I love my space), when in social gatherings I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, with laughs and activities - failing to realize that I am draining myself for people who don't even like me! They just tolerate me. I am known for holding on to people and things that are detrimental to my heath - but, I've left the party. 

I encourage you to Know when to leave the party; by this I mean:

- Know when someone is using you.
- Know when people dont want you around.
- Know your limits.
-Know when you've have enough.

- Know when to leave the party.

"When others dont celebrate you; learn to celebrate yourself" 

I have left the party.

- Elvy Soltau (Blogger, Writer, MC, Motivational Speaker).

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