Friday, April 10, 2015

Dear Future Husband by Danielle Falconer

Dear future husband good morning to you. Have you started working on you yet? Because I am 

working on me! I'm working on myself to be the best wife and mother there is, I am a princess now and 

would very much like to graduate from being one; I wanna be a queen and my dear future hubby, my 

king and no doubt our children will be royalty. My husband, my current king(daddy) has set a high 

standard can u follow? Or better yet prove that u are worthy to take his princess. I ask this because I 

know I can prove that I an worthy to do the same.

Dear future husband, are you out there? If you are, hey its been a while. Hope you're doing okay and

 life is treating you you until we meet

Hi future hubby!!!!! ! Hope church was wonderful over the weekend! !! Are u kindhearted? What about 

loving? But most importantly are you God fearing and genuine? P.s life is short live good n be kind.......

Dear future husband good morning whoever you are. ....if you're one of those men who still lives in the

 cave man era or back then when men and some women believed that a women's place is in the home

 especially the kitchen! !!!! ! Then sweetie I'm not your Mrs. right, equality or nothing  at all...... but do enjoy your day. ...

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