Monday, November 17, 2014

Evolution Of Elvy

I am annoying! Trust me, I know!
But this excitement for my birthday and yes i went over board with the count down (like always) lol. I am extremely happy for another. To me it means another chance to set things straight. I have been through a variety of emotions over the pass twenty-one  (21) years. I had to find ways to dealing the comments of the naysayers.
Over the pass twenty-one years I have developed an attitude of resilience, even thou at times I still listen to the critics! yup! I have to acknowledge them so i can examine myself to see if what they are saying is possibly true. I am open for suggestion; but does not necessarily mean that i will use them.

I have always had some fears; which i've kept mainly to myself. But I pray as the years progress I will over come them one by one. 

I am not the girl the guys desire; I am the girl they befriend to get to the one they desire. That has been my life ever since primary school. I use to think something was wrong with me, until I realize it was them who have not met my standard. lol (their loss) 

I grew out the name granny; for that  I am grateful. People still refer to me like that but I'm more comfortable in my skin now I take it as compliment. I am look in  the mirror and my stellar smile each day gives me courage. Hair comb or not  I AM STILL A BEAUTY QUEEN. One that was born and not artificially created. One that models anything and still look stunning. A queen who is charismatic, cheerful, crazy and loud. 

My friends and those who have my back; thank you.

This is just the beginning; wait until I have a job. 

Leadership will always be an interest of mine! Even if i'm the odd one out! 

I will always be ready to capture every moment! 

My beauty is second to none! =D 

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