Sunday, December 15, 2019

Timeline of Teachers

I would be severely ungrateful if i allowed the curtains to close on the night and not make a post 

dedicated to my teachers. I have been shaped by many many hands! (No, this 185lbs of 

awesomeness did not develop overnight). 

My educational journey begun at church! Yup, sabbath school. At the age of two (2) 

my mother was asked by Mrs. D. Campbell, to send me to church so she did. 

I learnt several lessons in Sabbath School, shed many tears too. Because i was never 

accepted in the cliques that were there. My Sabbath School teachers still play vital 

roles in my life. They taught me the most important lessons i'd ever need to learn. 

They taught me how to be faithful in what i do, they taught me how to lead; with the 

let task that the gave me over the years, they gave me exposure but most 

importantly, I was taught how to trust God even when the odds are against me. My 

Sabbath school teachers are still important to me; to be honest i share a oving 

relationship with them still. 

 As the years flew by it was time to move on to basic school; you know ABC's and 123's 

are important! I attended the Effortville Basic School, the foundations to my

numeracy and literacy skills were properly laid, I must make special mention of 

Mrs. D . Campbell (Stalwart); she's a influential, respectful woman. She is a dream 

shaper, she was the first person to be me behind a microphone and i've loved it ever 

since. My basic school teachers were awesome! I love them Mrs. J. Garrick, Mrs. A. 

Esberry-Grey, Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Thomas and all the teachers at the Effortville basic school. 

After acquired the basic numeracy and literacy skills it was time to move on and 

expand  my knowledge. (I graduated valedictorian of my basic school class by the 

way). I moved on to the May Pen Primary school, i transitioned very well, i had an 

awesome grade two teacher Mrs. Gayle, and amazing grade four teacher Mrs. 

Thompson. While, at May Pen Primary i was in the G stream (bright class on the red 

tie shift) up until grade six (6). Yes, it look like my grades fell. I was a bit devastated

but i enjoyed the class that i was in, that's where i met my best friend Danielle 

Falconer. Danielle and I passed for the most prestigious high school in Clarendon, 

Denbigh High School. During my Tenure at this noble institution, I encountered some 

phenomenal women; since this post is entitled a timeline of Teachers its best if I 

start at grade 7. Fresh out of primary school, full of energy i met Miss Bent (now Mrs. 

Christian). She stood approximately 5ft 6 inches tall, relatively fair complexion, tall 

hair and bright eyes. Though she was short in stature, her voice was as tall as the 

twin towers. She was stern and meant business! Science was her specialty. Miss Bent w

is a woman of order, discipline and excellence! She instilled this philosophy in us; It is 

not my aptitude, but my attitude which determines my altitude in life. To this 

date, that quote lives with me (thank you miss). With this quote embedded in my 

heart I have approached life positively. 

Miss Bent did something for me i don't even think she remembers.  While we were in 

first form, she had a little artificial flowers on her desk that should be taken to the 

biology lab every evening and taken back to the class every morning. She placed me 

in charge! Man, I took pride in carrying out that duty; I would run for it in the 

mornings and hurry to carry it up after school. Out of this i can safely say it taught

 me the importance of being responsible. Mrs. Bent-Christian I would like to thank 

you; thank you for being awesome, thank you for the punishments that you 

gave to us (who could forget those evenings picking up garbage and writing 

lines lol). You are still prized in my heart as important. Thank you and i wish you 

many more successes in your teaching career. While carrying out my little task with 

the flowers in first form, i met a teacher in the biology lab name Mrs. Battiste. I 

fell instantly in lived with Mrs. B and wanted her to teach me so badly. But lets wait 

hear more about Mrs. B later on. 

I moved on to grades 8, 9, 10,11 and 6th form  man I so rough days, tearful days, 

hungry days but that side of the story is for another blog post. Throughout the

teachers such as Mrs. Gordon-Denton, Miss. Webb, Mr. Annakie, Mr. Sitladdin, Mr.

Johnson, Mr. Elliot, Mr. Dawkins, Miss Clayton, Mrs. Clarke Miss. A. Thomas, Mrs. 

Rose-Campbell, Miss Mennel, Mrs. I Mchayle, Mrs. Palmer. Man! they were all 

awesome. I must make special mention of Mrs. Chambers-Brown and Mrs. Battiste, 

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